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Long Island Parrot Society - A bird club dedicated to responsible bird ownership through education and example
Parrot Behavior and Care Consultant. Written by veterinary technician, parrot behavior consultant, speaker and author Pamela Clark the site is dedicated to improving our understanding of parrot behavior, parrot welfare and the parrot-human bond. In addition to commentaries, favorite links and biographical information, you will find Information about available services. Articles that explore both normal and problem behavior, normal and problem parrot-human relationships, optimal nutrition, parrot welfare and enrichment as well as discussions that introduce more in-depth explorations of these same topics.
Custom Pet Portraits in Pencil or Pastel - A website created from enthusiasm and love for pets, and animals in general. - Site where aviaries and breeders can advertise their birds for free!
Feathered Friends Forever Rescue/Refuge, Inc. is the largest privately owned rescue/refuge in Georgia and one of the largest in the nation. A 501(c) non-profit corporation.
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Bird Breeders directory and available birds