PAGE 4 - Toys for Medium Size Birds

Lots of thin colored discs on leather. Measures 4"x12". For medium sized birds.
Price - $12.95

Birds of all sizes will delight in the shredding pleasure provided by these new STRING & BURI BUNDLES from Planet Pleasures! Choose SMALL - 3 1/2" X 1 1/2" or MED.- 6" X 2". These also make great foot toys for larger birds!

From Super Bird Creations a big sea grass pouch stuffed full of paper shreds. The re-fillable FORAGING POUCH provides foraging, chewing and climbing opportunities for birds of all sizes! Wood slats, bittie birdie bagels, vine stars and plastic flowers add to the fun! Measures 14"x16". Parakeets to Macaws.
Price - $24.95

We just love these and so does our quality control panel of experts! Available in 3 sizes to suit every size bird!Fda approved human grade chipboard box with a reed ball inside. Sisal rope goes through the ball so even if the chipboard box is destroyed, the ball will remain. Small measures 2"x"2. Medium 3"x3", Large 3.5" x 3.5"

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