Toys on these pages are suitable for medium size birds such as Conures, Caiques, Quakers, Senegals, Lories, Ringnecks, Pionus, etc..

Encourage your birds natural foraging instincts with the Pickin' Pocket from Super Bird Creations! A natural sea grass mat, folded in half, stuffed full of paper crinkles, embellished with vine stars and wooden beads. Add to the excitement and foraging fun by tucking in a few tasty treats like pine nuts, pumpkin seeds or almonds! Suitable for all small and medium size birds. Measures 8" x 5.5".
Price - $10.95

6 strands of natural hemp with lots of wood and plastic beads. Measures Approx. 12". For Cockatiels, Lovebirds and other small parrots. *ORIGINAL TRADEMARK DESIGN OF THE LAUGHING PARROT* MADE IN THE U.S.A!
Price - $6.95

Plastic chain with acrylic donut beads, sturdy plastic toddler spoons, heart-shaped, mirrored acrylic tag and mini pacifier. Cockatiels, Budgies, Parrotlets, smaller conures, etc. 12-13" long (can be shortened by moving pear link lower on chain). Made in the USA! *ORIGINAL DESIGN OF THE LAUGHING PARROT*
Price - $5.99

A fun and affordable toy for medium sized birds such as Senegals, Conures, Mustached Parrots etc. Thin wood ice cream spoons, wood beads and small spools on natural hemp cord. Measures approx. 9" long. Made in the USA! *ORIGINAL DESIGN OF THE LAUGHING PARROT*
Price - $Out of Stock

A fun toy with push-me-pull-you appeal! A wooden heart, strung through with wood shapes and plastic beads on vegetable tanned leather. Small and medium sized birds alike will enjoy this one. I have a few customers who buy them for their cockatoos too! Measures approx. 6" long. Heart measures 3" across widest part. *ORIGINAL TRADEMARK DESIGN OF THE LAUGHING PARROT* Made in the USA!
Price - $4.95

A sturdy 2 bell with lots of stars, beads, hearts and mini bagels on vegetable tanned leather. Suggested for medium parrots such as Conures, Quakers, Senegals, Mustached Parrots, Pionus etc. Approx. 14" including quick link and chain. Fun for all medium parrots Conures, Quakers, Senegals, Mustached Keets, Pionus etc. *ORIGINAL TRADEMARK DESIGN OF THE LAUGHING PARROT. Made in the USA!
Price - $11.95

We LOVE this new toy! Cardboard Birdie Bagels, wood, beads, baubles, shiny trinkets, pacifiers - and a bell too! Measures 9" long x 7" wide. For all medium sized parrots.
Price - $Out of Stock

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