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Foraging Toys enrich the life of every parrot! In the wild, birds forage for food as well as entertainment. Our superb line of foraging toys provide a way to encourage this natural instinct!
The refillable, Interactive Foraging Carousel from Paradise Toys Creative Foraging systems. Four opening drawers on a free-spinning mount. Constructed of polycarbonate. 2" x 6" x 6"
Price - $22.50

From Paradise Toys FOUR BIG DRAWERS creative foraging system. Tough plastic for tough birds! 6"x6"x3" box attaches to cage bars. Four clear plastic drawers pull out. Fill with toys and treats. For large and extra large birds
Price - $29.95

By Nature's Instinct. Teach your bird to spin the RINGS OF FORTUNE and cherish the reward. Made of chew resistant tough polymer. Zinc free. Dishwasher safe. 6"x3" African Greys, Eclectus and Cockatoos especially love this one!
Price - $18.99

Build your birds brilliance! Teach your bird to unlock the keys to make the bottom drop open to reveal hidden treasures! From Natures Instincts. Made of tough, chew resistant polymer. Zinc free. Chain, Quicklink and screws are nickel plated. Keys are stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. Measures 4"x3"x3". For Amazons, Cockatoos, Greys, Macaws, etc.
Price - $15.99

From Super Bird Creations. A great little toy for medium to large parrots. Rubber ducky in the center of a woven palm "cup", smiley face mugs and acrylic pacifiers. Hide treats and surprises in the hollow woven cup. Measures 10" x 5". Suitable for conures, quakers, senegals, Caiques, smaller Amazons, etc.
Price - $10.50

We LOVE this new toy from Super Bird Creations! A wicker basket stuffed full of fun stuff to shred! Bamboo finger traps, thin wooden ice cream spoons & sticks, loofahs and more! Plastic beads for added interest! Measures 10" long x 5" across. For medium to large parrots.
Price - $17.95

These sweet, petite little truffle boxes tied with natural raffia are a complete hit with all the birds we've tested! Everyone from Mustached Parrots to Amazons and African Greys LOVE them! Available in two sizes - Small measures 1 5/8" x 1 5/8" and holds a bitty birdie bagel, small wooden heart and wood bead. The larger version measures 2"x2". The treasures inside the large size BIRD-DAY SURPRISE vary. Some hold a small vine ring and acrylic pacifier, others hold small birdie bagel and a wooden star and heart or snowflake. A sweet - CHEEP - treat!! *ORIGINAL TRADEMARK DESIGN OF THE LAUGHING PARROT* MADE IN THE U.S.A!

Encourage and reward your bird's natural foraging skills with a special little treasure box! It rattles to let them know - tiny treasures are hidden inside! They'll work to untie the leather knots or chew off the wooden beads to find what's inside. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN LARGE ONLY. The Large size holds a a bitty bagel plus wooden star and beads. Large size measures 2.25" in diametere x 1.5" deep. *ORIGINAL TRADEMARK DESIGN OF THE LAUGHING PARROT* MADE IN THE U.S.A
Price - $3.75

Encourage your birds natural foraging instincts with the Pickin' Pocket from Super Bird Creations! A natural sea grass mat, folded in half, stuffed full of paper crinkles, embellished with vine stars and wooden beads. Add to the excitement and foraging fun by tucking in a few tasty treats like pine nuts, pumpkin seeds or almonds! Suitable for all small and medium size birds. Measures 8" x 5.5".
Price - $10.95

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