Shop here for bird toys including our own trademark bird toy designs available ONLY from The Laughing Parrot!

Toys, tasty treats, perches, supplies and accessories to please every parrot in the flock! You'll find it here!

We offer a unique assortment of bird toys including the very best selection of Foot Toys on the market! We have Foraging Toys, toys for Shredding and Preening as well as toy Parts for rebuilding toys or designing your own! Our product line includes tasty treats, perches, supplies and cage accessories to please every parrot in your flock!

The Laughing Parrot offers the very best FOOT TOYS on the market as well as STAINLESS STEEL TOY BUCKETS to hold them. No parrot palace is complete without a stainless steel BUCKET 'O BOOTY. Order just the stainless steel pail or pre-filled with 10 of our very best foot toys to please even the pickiest parrots! Available in 3 size including The ITTY BITTY BOOTY BUCKET for the smallest members of your flock!

Foot Toys keep parrots busy and parrot keepers happy too!

We offer a wide variety of our favorite perches to please every parrot! Birds benefit from, and surely appreciate a soft, COMFY CABLE perch for sleeping! Click on the picture below to see our fine selection of perches.

Adding a SANDY or POLLY PEDICURE perch to your birds cage will help lessen the need for frequent nail trims. We also offer CHOLLA WOOD, GRAPEWOOD and DRAGON WOOD perches as well as the all time favorite of every birdie I know - THE BOING! Every-birdie wants a BOING! The BOING or BUNGEE BOUNCE makes a great portable play area. Use it in the cage or move it around to any room of the house!
For tips on choosing the right perches and setting up your cage click on the BIRD CARE button at left.

Check out our assortment of tasty treats - We have STAR ANISE, DRIED HOT PEPPERS, PUMPKIN SEEDS, PINE NUTS and more!

We are extremely proud to offer the safest bird harness on the market - THE AVIATOR HARNESS!

It's fun to take our parrots out and about whenever possible, but even with clipped wings the risk of losing them is a real possibility. A startled bird who's not wearing a harness can be gone in a flash.

The Aviator harness takes the worry out of spending time outdoors with your feathered friends. It's the easiest harness to get on! We know - we've tried the others. No clumsy buckles or other metal hardware! Our birds are much more accepting of The Aviator than any other brand of harness we have tried. Check it out!! For more info, just click on THE AVIATOR button to the left.

We utilize PayPal for on-line payments. PayPal is the safest way to pay on the internet. PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. There is no charge to you to pay with your credit card via PayPal whether or not you have a PayPal account yourself. You may choose to order offline with a check or money order. Please email us if you have questions or need assistance.

We are more than happy to ship our products to you wherever you may be!
OUR SHOPPING CART IS NOT CAPABLE OF CALCULATING INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES which are based on the weight, size and destination of the order. Please EMAIL US for international shipping quotes BEFORE COMPLETING CHECKOUT.

Some large and / or bulky items are drop shipped from the distributor via UPS and cannot be shipped outside the US. Please click on the Order Info button to the left for more information on shipping, ordering, etc.

Safety is a priority here at The Laughing Parrot but as with ALL toys, please use good judgment and supervise your birds while at play. Only you know how your bird plays. Remove toys when cording becomes frayed. Remove broken or badly chewed parts as well as any toys that you feel might pose a threat to your birds overall safety. For more information on our toys, check out the About The Toys page.


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